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Since there is (still) no indoor spot in Chemnitz, the flatland activities take place at those public places and squares the inner city has.

The most favourite spot is Kress' parking lot, where the flatland parts of the last two Chemnitz Jams were held, too. It's like, they don't mind our riding and the staff is kinda used to see us. And the place itself. Mostly flat with some minor bumps and literally huge, unless it is saturday afternoon when a hole lot of people come to buy something right before the weekend...
If this place had a roof beyond, it would be perfect.

While Andreas Menz has been working here in 1999, he used to ride downtown on the parking lot across the "Stadtwerke" building, since that was on his way home. The problem there are lots of cars from morning till late afternoon when all those people are at work. And most of those people do only look straight out of the car and don't check what is going on around them. They will drive and park their car exactly where you just rode or are about to. Annoying and stupid that is.
Anyway, if the space gets wider, the place aint that bad. It has, nonetheless, more bumps than Kress' parking lot.

The area around the Karl Marx' statue has been used for 20 inch activities ever since there were BMX riders in chemnitz. And it's still a favourite spot for meeting some pals. You can meet flatlanders, street riders and skateboarders here. Although the place has in fact some serious bumps, the floor is very good for spinning tricks (if you avoid the bumps). Also, the plateau can be used for manuals, 360s and grinds, as well as for chilling ;-))).