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Andy Menz has been living and working here since November 1998. He, of course, rode from time to time. We, however, did not manage to get a photo of him riding (he seemed to avoid any cameras). The only thing we got til now is a short video message which we took after bying the Camcorder. I hope we will get at least one clean picture of him before he leaves us for Dresden in late November 1999.
{ rene.finta@bmx-chemnitz.de | http://www.tu-chemnitz.de/~finta }

This is Rene, 18, one of the first to ride flatland in Chemnitz... He already did some video-related stuff and wants to continue with that in the future. You can probably check some out on the page he maintains.

Stephan. The slow camera couldn't handle his nice combo. Though, this old photo of one of his caboose entries shows his typical style. He rode a lot street and dirt in summer and cut his leg after braking his OPC. I haven't seen riding him since then, although he wanted to try. We'll see.

His name is Ronny. He started riding in summer. At first on a Generix bike for rookies, he took the chance and bought Andys DF frame. This is the machine he tries to get under control. I have to admit, he does pretty well.

Hannes used to ride together with Fred. That's why they were called Ed & Fred. Nowadays one can meet him at "The Head" quite frequently, whereas has been riding somewhat outside the inner city just a year before.

I don't even know his real name. Everyone calls him Fred. It's his real name, in the end. Anyway, he can best be met at the Karl-Marx statue, together with Hannes.
{ thomas.riedel@bmx-chemnitz.de | http://www.bmx-chemnitz.de }

This guy is named Thomas. He lives near Landshut (Bavaria) and wants to get some kids into BMX. He rides every free minute on his Generix DNA to achieve this goal, hoping someone will see it and start riding with him. Sometimes he comes to a visit and rides with us since he formerly lived here in Chemnitz and started riding BMX after meeting me and telling him how good it feels.
{ marko.friedemann@bmx-chemnitz.de | http://www.bmx-chemnitz.de }

This is Marko. He and Rene use to meet quite frequently at Kress' parking lot for a ride. Since he bought a camcorder, he has been trying to catch some good BMX action on tape. See the results on the clip pages...